» Single Canoe Ride PF21B



Type: single seat
Max load capacity: 250kg
2014new design
Adopt rotational molding process, once shaping technical, with seamless, non-toxic tasteless, acid and alkali resistance, impact resistance, high temperature resistance, anti-aging, anti freezing, and anti penetration characteristics.


    The kayaks of our company has various models, can be divided into single, double (couple), three people kayak (family), mainly suitable for river, lake and sea.
    1.Adopt imported environmental protection LLDPE (linear low density polyethylene) materials, wear resistance, salt and alkali resistance,high temperature resistance, high strength, anti-aging, quality assurance, after sales are guaranteed.
    2.The kayak combined entertainment, leisure, fitness, competition as a whole,can bring the whole family fun!
    3. The bow and stern all have handles, safe, convenient and relaxed, adopted the new pedal and a tail rudder system of the new single marine boat, more convenient, flexible, turning more agile.
    4. The hull itself comes with a comfortable cushion, with two large hatch and stern have elastic band, where can place package, buckets and other fishing gear, and thoughtful design make your leisure, fishing more enjoyable.
    5.A variety of color options, a variety of monochrome, mixed color,camouflage color can be customized according to customer requirements. 6.Factory direct sales, favorable price, very high cost performance!
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