» FRP Water Tricycle WB03H



Number of seat:2 adults + 1 child(≤180kg)
Load draught(m):0.32
Packing cbm(m3):6
Weight after package(kg):110-120
Material: glass fiber reinforced plastics
Package size:10sets/20ft;20sets/40ft
With ISO and CE certificates
Color can be made as your like.


    The Double Pedal, stylish appearance, and unique shape. Main body constituted by three thick and large wheels, the overall combination of glass and stainless steel materials, wheel liner space the overall drift contingent foam padding of strong buoyancy. When tourists kicking action pedal, the rear wheel on water forward, the front wheel through the axle lever handle flexible rotation direction, visitors can freely pedaling sailing on the broad waters. Water tricycle is safe and reliable, easy to operate, the use of flexible, suitable for different ages to participate in visitors, is the ideal entertainment lover couple.
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