» Dolphins Water Bike WB02H02



LLDPE material Dolphins water bike rides, have 1, 2 riders to choose.
1. Rate load: 2riders
2. Size: 220*165*50cm
3. Weight: 97kg
4. Load weight: 350kg
5. Material: LLDPE++stainless steel
6. Package: Drum cloth, non-woven fabrics,iron racks and wooden crates packing


    Product advantages: Patented design and unique ergonomic design; Low carbon environmental protection, no pollution; Human drive, smooth and comfortable, safe and reliable; Corrosion and rust performance, parts made of aluminum alloy and stainless steel; Easy accessibility, light weight, easy to store and transport; Polyethylene material, wear-resistant anti-collision does not fade, long life; For beaches, parks, playgrounds, lakes and other waters.
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